30.10.2017 - 18.11.2017


A residency program and interpelations of artists in public spaces, in non conventional places or disconsidered regarding as places for creation and artistic processes.  Those places can be linked to specific communities or broader scoops, from spaces of permancy or transit or ones that are considered more close to so called “non-places”. The program looks for to highlight work that occupies the fringes of the expectable or of what reaches enclosed subjects. In this sense, the invitation is directed to artists that create ouvre at / for public spaces that are normally seen as distant of performative exposure, coming out of mediation with conventional formats to explore possibilities of interaction less common and relations more direct to the audience.


OUT THERE is designed in order to be allow the permeation of audience participation and local community. It is desired the contact with profissionals guests continuously and in a constructive way, bringing the artist to spaces of sharing within their creation processes, discussion and work.  With this intention, it will be a prosperous place of crossing public and private on the artistic making, still frequently seen as something necessarily linked to decommissioning or retreat in a isolated place far from the foreigner eye.


This interdisciplinary program will follow from 30th October to 18the November, in several Porto spaces. Beyond the presentation of each work developed in a quotidian context so it can be thought, it is organized an open showing to the community where audience will be invited to meet the guests artists. This moment corresponds to an official share of the “end” of the work within a format to be announced taking in account of each artist specificity in relation with the context and it’s tipology.




Curated by 

Ana Rocha, Jorge Gonçalves e Pedro Rocha



Veit Stratmann, Winnie SuperHova & Samuel Draper, Hamish Fulton, Claudia Hill, Rui Catalão, Pedro Tudela, Ricardo Jacinto, Nicholas Bussmann, Maile Costa Colbert & Rui Costa e Alejandra Salinas & Aeron Bergman



Café Ceuta, Passos Manuel, Centro Comercial Bombarda, Maus Hábitos - Espaço de Intervenção Cultural, Café Candelabro, Mão Esquerda - Vintage & Second Hand's first, Kate Skateshop, Musi Meios, Gelataria Doxa, Barbearia Porto, Duas de Letra, Inktoxica, Galeria Patch Lifestyle Concept Store, senhor PRUDÊNCIO e Rádio Manobras


Graphic Design 

Marta Casaca


Organization and Production 




Pelouro da Cultura da Câmara Municipal do Porto



Goethe-Institut Portugal, Escola Superior Artística do Porto e Mala Voadora


MEZZANINE is funded by Governo de Portugal - Ministério da Cultura/Direção-Geral das Artes and it is a member of Rede Associação de Estruturas para a Dança Contemporânea.

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