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  1. @ Nellie de Boer


    This project is dedicated to investigate how the processes of indexicality, interpellation and focalization are applied to the ways a demonstrator manages his relationship to himself, to his own language, to his own state and to his audience. A demonstrator, as defined by Bertolt Brecht, is someone that reveals a witnessed situation by telling how it happened while showing how it happened, he is always transferring himself in-between two states, the one that demonstrates and the subject of demonstration. Here, we define two self-referential spaces between the demonstrator and himself, and him and the audience. In these spaces, the demonstrator is working with gestures and utterances as signs and relational markers that defines the organization of the lived abstractions that are being performed, showed and pointed to the audience. How are they are being arrested and captured, folded together in complicity, hailed and address are questions and processes that this project investigates through Ajax’s Story from Sophocles.

    Concept and Performance Jorge Gonçalves

    Artistic collaboration Peter Stamer

    Production MEZZANINE

    Support de Theaterschool (Amsterdam), Botschaft von Portugal, Instituto Camões Portugal, Teatro Nacional São João and Teatro Municipal do Porto

    Thanks Andrea Božić, Daniel Kok, Goro Tronsmo, Keith Lim, Keren Levi, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Jeroen Fabius, Julien Bruneau, Myriam Van Imschoot, Philipp Gehmacher, Sabina Holzer, Sher Doruff, Sybille Müller, Velvet Lee and my AMCh’s colleagues.