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  1. ½ PENSION MODE'16

    11 - 15 April 2016

    Curated by Marta Bernardes and Ana Rocha

    Production Management by Ana Rocha and Jorge Gonçalves

    Invited Artist Miguel Leal

    Residence program with artists and writers in coffee tables in the city of Porto - a project of Marta Bernardes and Ana Rocha. "Europe is made up of coffee shops and cafes. These range from Pessoa's favorite coffee shop in Lisbon to Odessa cafes frequented by Isaac Babel gangsters. They go from the cafés of Copenhagen, where Kierkegaard passed on his concentrated walks to the balconies of Palermo. [...] Draw the map of the coffee shops and you will get one of the essential markers of the idea of Europe." Georges Steiner, The Idea of Europe; Gradiva, 2005.

    The ½ Pension Mode narrows the communication between the public and the creation process, returning the artist to one of the excellence creation spaces, discussion and work. Coffee, which since the Belle Époque is the place of primacy for the meeting between artists and thinkers, has become the meeting place between audience and private art craftsmanship, an unique situation proposing an opening of the creative process to a closer dialogue, proposing to the city and its inhabitants another vision about the cafes and their historical relevance. The Porto downtown cafes, which have always been crucial for cultural activity as meeting places, will be the place of crossing between different areas, creation, production and presentation. How do these guests, transform, portray and translate the collective memory of each place? The city and the entire urban fabric, in the light of contemporaneity and the impact of daily life on the cultural and historical context? The proposal involves a performative act, with no intention of crystallizing, disapproving or mystifying the work of the creator, but rather making it more tangible and transparent. The week will end with a tour / visit to the different cafes.