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    Structure for production and diffusion of performing arts


    Founded in 2009 by Ana Rocha and Jorge Gonçalves, Mezzanine presents itself as a nonprofit organization for creation and programming, promoting awareness of the work dynamics between public and arts professionals. 

    Mezzanine follows through into developing new collaboration and cooperation networks, by searching different organization modes.


    Artistic and Production Direction Ana Rocha and Jorge Gonçalves 

    Associated Artists Ana Rocha, Jorge Gonçalves and Marta Bernardes

    Financial and Admnistration Management Jorge Gonçalves


  2. MEZZANINE was created in 2009, as a programming and production structure, with activity at the city of Porto, Portugal and internationally. Throughout all this years it has collaborated with various institutions (Serralves Contemporary Art Museum, Campo Alegre and Rivoli City Theaters of Porto Municipality), has had partnerships with local structures (Ginasiano, Circolando, Teatro do Frio, Maus Hábitos, Manobras no Porto, NEC, Festival da Fábrica), nationally (DevirCapa, C. M. de Viana do Castelo, Teatro Maria Matos, Cine Teatro de Sesimbra, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Circular Festival, Galeria Zé dos bois, Festival Escrita na Paisagem) and with European Capital of Culture 2012 Guimarães. It’s associated artists were presented internationally in Berlin (TanzFabrik, Uferstudios, TanzTage), in Vienna (Wuk) and in Amsterdam (Het Veem Theater). Within MEZZANINE program, we highlight the international colaborations brought into the local cultural context (Antonija Livingstone; Mathilde Monnier). “Open Season”, “Parole”, “Rubro”, are productions within the structure that represent a strong mark on promotion and creation of MEZZANINE’s associated artists, in dance, theater and performance approach for different type of audiences, and of different ages. MEZZANINE’s program for 2015/16 is strongly based on international collaborations for different social and cultural spaces (Ariadne, at the International Beach of Porto, The Porto Sessions with Meg Stuart, Regime de 1/2 Pensão at the downtown cafes of Porto, Artistic Practice Symposium and Marias). This projects cause a powerful mobilization of the local and artistic community on what is the agency of the artistic practices in Porto, stablish new dynamics onto the Porto cultural sphere shaping new kinds of audience across geographic decentralization, provoking the entanglement of artistic languages between national artistic community and international, and strengthening the cultural context within the international performing arts scene.